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Sound meditation

Sound Meditation is an experience in a group or individual lesson in which sounds are used to achieve a meditative state.

Guided sound meditation is one of the oldest forms of therapy for relaxation, inner peace, contentment and serenity. Sound meditation is an experience in a group or individual setting that uses sounds to create a meditative state. It's almost an effortless way to achieve deeper meditation as the sounds help change our brain waves. By using rhythm and frequencies, we can cause our brain waves to shift normal consciousness into a meditative state. Scientific studies show that certain frequencies can cause changes in the autonomic, endocrine system. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ in the human body absorbs and emits sound.

The most important thing, in short:

Two experiments showed:


For most people, sound meditation is a safe form of relaxation. However, there are people with complaints that they shouldn't hear. People who suffer from mental disorders in particular should always consult their psychiatrist or family doctor.

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